The Garage of Damage

Car Garage, North CyprusIt would seem that I no longer take my car to the garage for a service, rather I take it to be smashed up! A week of bad luck saw my brand new laptop die in front of me, and my car damaged by one of the ‘top’ garages in North Cyprus – lovely. Continue reading


Very Nearly Finished…. Kind of! – Part 7 and final!

North Cyprus House RestorationIt’s been a while since I posted about the ongoing building work, but finally I have now moved in and things have started to look a little different – something like a little home! It’s nice to be ensconced even though I have no bathroom just yet, as the plumbing is one of the last major things being finished – it’s not in my line of sight so apparently I am only interested in the material things – which I guess is true! Continue reading

Kamikaze Crash Test Cicadas!

Cicadas, North Cyprus

Just after De-Skinning - yukky pink!

The cicadas this year seem to have multiplied beyond reason – maybe it’s because we had a really wet winter or maybe it’s a resurgence after the fire here over 10 years ago.  Who knows, but its been crazy.  I wrote before about the cicadas in North Cyprus, and I was determined to get some better pics of their activities this time around..  Whatever the reason, the season of madness has nearly come to an end, and as much as I love wildlife, I can’t say I am sorry about this particular mind bending little bug! Continue reading

Light At The End Of The Tunnel – Who Knows?! – Part 6

Building Work, North CyprusIt could just be that we are getting somewhere at last – funny how it always only feels that way when you start putting the material things in place.  However, I will never forget what it took to get to this point – its taken five months of my life so far! Continue reading

What the Devil Is This? Yes its a meal to get your mouth round for sure!!

A La Nazik, Turkish Cypriot CuisineJust had to post a little ditty about this!  Had me in hysterics until my Turkish Cypriot friend told me it wasn’t too appropriate to keep saying ‘oh my god look at that’ whilst their mum was looking on – too naughty for them! Continue reading

Cyprus Referendum Not Far Off?!?

Cyprus Divide MapInteresting news! A referendum is said to be in the offing for Turkish and Greek Cypriots toward the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010, to see whether another round of voting amongst the two populations can reach a solution to the Cyprus problem and the islands division. Continue reading

The Building Game – English Style – Part 5

Building Work, North CyprusSo another milestone has been reached, but how much longer is there to go?  That’s like asking how much time does it take for a cameleon to reach the other side of the road – they can scrabble quite quickly when need be!  We had the pleasure of a cement mixer the other day to lay a new floor in the studio section and boy was it hard work in the heat, it being one of the hotter days we’ve had so far this year.  Preparation for the delivery of cement was meticulous and we were all up early making sure nothing would go wrong – and for once, thank the lord, it didn’t. Continue reading